Private Instruction


  • Pre K-College Level
  • Home schooling
  • Test prep (SAT,GRE,etc.)
  • Advanced writing
  • All subjects
  • Special Ed./IEP
  • ESL

ETS has been providing private, individualized 1 on 1 tutoring since 1986. ETS provides a variety of instructional options from innovative, critical thinking programs to writing enrichment.

Not only does ETS serve ELLs and Special Education Students, but we have tutors that specialize in those specific areas! ETS tutors are assigned to students that match both their availability and their skill set.


What is SES?

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 allows parents to select Supplemental Educational Services (SES) for their children. Students are eligible for services if they attend Title I schools that have not met State Board of Education standards in reading and math. Qualifying school districts contract outside providers to provide tutoring for their students.

How much does it cost?

All tutoring expenses are paid for by the district, thus the service is free to parents.

What is included in the program?

ETS provides one-on-one tutoring at home, in a library, or in-center. Students are given an initial assessment from which an individualized learning plan is developed. A qualified tutor will then work with each student on achieving his/her learning goals.

How many hours of tutoring will my child receive?

Hours are determined by each individual school disctrict.

Does my child’s school qualify?

Qualifying schools are listed by school district on this site; however, the list is subject to change. Please verify with your child’s school district whether his or her school qualifies.

How do I sign up?

Most districts send out information or brochures/applications to qualifying students. However, instructions and deadlines vary depending on your child's school district.

Refer to our SES district page to find instructions and deadlines for each individual district.

We will be posting sign-up deadlines once they are confirmed. If you need more information on how to fill out your application feel free to call us at (310) 489-1387.